La Militaire Academy initially known as “Colonel Academy was established in the year 1988. The name change was initiated as a similar named school in south was causing conflict of identity.Initially the Academy worked on spreading literacy to the very poor and deprived and thus conducted classes to the people of the slums alone. With passing of years the La Militaire academy’ members identified that the poor were not very forthcoming and the society suffered with paucity of organisation that assisted in the employment of the youth which were getting misdirected in great numbers and becoming cause of gross unrest, so the La Militaire academy identifying its strength focused on the belief of spreading career awareness.

“La Militaire Academy has established it’s trust by its consistent results and these thirty plus years are concrete evidence for the same, many students are now serving in senior posts and many are still clearing the selection process. Behind this continuity of result there has been an ever upgrading methodology coupled with one to one personal guidance and as a part of the advising team- we all promise to live up to the hard earned reputation in this disguised world of misguiding advertisement. La Militaire Academy is now a big banyan tree aspiring a long life. “



“Our dream was to inspire , the guidance followed later and as a pioneer in Uttar Pradesh the main Recruiting ground – we scored thirty years more to serve Nation till the very last after giving services in uniform . I feel proud too for being part of the organisation as the good ideals is well promoted and success stories of many has been facilitated . The La militaire Academy is now a family that would only multiply as the years pass by and must follow its rich tradition of personally assist , set examples and acclimatise in advance the future officers and soldiers. “



“Thirty years of effort helped us to be what we proposed – ” Few good men for the forces by the few old men the veterans. As per our para troopers belief – every man is an emperor – all one needs is to learn from the right guide – god bless the students and the Faculty team of the La militaire Academy so that the students keep recording success and the faculty enjoys the pride and honour the students success brings . I wish and bless the new generation success unlimited and in uniform they record more success in their endeavours and bring glory to the nation . “



“La militaire Academy’s mentor & Faculty captain ,Dr Arun Kumar Shukla sir gave me an insight into not only to the test procedures but also how aptly I must let my expressions flow in the interview. I completely agree to what he often says – “ We all have it all ( qualities ) yet fail to express it all .”- these words and his encouraging company helped me to express my stored potential ( abilities ) and the almighty god blessed me to become an officer in the coast guards “

Ashish Tiwari

Serving As Officer - Indian Coast Guard

“Great to hear that the academy ( La Militaire ) has completed thirty plus years since its birth as The Colonel Academy now renamed and transformed as an associate organisation – Colonel’s Institute for Defence Services. I am thankful for getting personal guidance before I faced the service selection board as it multiplied my clarity and the confidence thereafter to face the interviewing authority and be recognised as capable to be recommended “

Akanksha Shukla

Serving As Officer - Indian Air Force

“La Militaire Academy is now a name of trust ,thanks to their hard work spanning three decades . I personally benefitted in clearing lots of doubts and misgivings and went on to present my confident and true self and be recommended for the coveted post of an armed forces officer. I recommend many to gain the transparent method of teaching and confidence building workshops. A very big thanks to the entire team of La Militaire Academy “

Akirti Dubey

Serving As Officer - Indian Coast Guard