Testimonials Of Our Ex-Students Selected as Officers

“ La militaire academy’s Dr. Arun kumar Shukla sir holds a great place in my heart , as in those days of youth where one stands bewildered - what to do ? What not to do ? What is right ? What is not ? As with limited experience of family , school , college & neighbourhood , there stands many unanswered questions in the curious mind & the guidance of how to tackle rightly is needed & the vacuum was filled in a very comprehensive & personalised manner which helped me to unleash my potentials and today I am what I should be - an all round personality progressing in life . Thirty years of la militaire academy and its continuous contribution is an occasion to congratulate them for guiding many success stories and I wish them great success in times ahead. “

“ La militaire Academy’s mentor and Faculty captain ,Dr Arun Kumar Shukla sir gave me an insight into not only to the test procedures but also how aptly I must let my expressions flow in the interview. I completely agree to what he often says - “ We all have it all ( qualities ) yet fail to express it all .”- these words and his encouraging company helped me to express my stored potential ( abilities ) and the almighty god blessed me to become an officer in the coast guards “

“ I vividly remember my interaction with La militaire Academy’s Faculty captain, Dr. Arun Kumar Shukla as an eye opener , I would say that I was clouded with illusions as my research through the Internet , verbal exchanges , book reading & different suggestions I gained from selected candidates, which had made me utterly confused. The interaction with him opened my mind & confidence in my self as I discovered that I was myself complete and all I had to do , was to honestly express what I truly felt . I recommend his classes to many as he guides with simple examples and rejuvenates the self confidence which is the basis of the selection . The thirty years of Academy is I know just a mile stone as many more years would follow . Congratulations to the La militaire team .”

“ I congratulate La militaire Academy for completion of successful thirty years and respected Faculty captain , Dr. Arun kumar Shukla sir for personally guiding candidates to success. I also had the privilege and found that the exchanges encouraged in the mentoring classes help us to evolve ourselves to a more complete personality as the one to one focus helps us to feel strong of what we are and his friendly encouragement helps us to unchain our officer like qualities . “

“ La Militaire Academy is a family in itself for quite some time its chief executive - faculty captain , Dr. Arun shukla ( arun sir to me ) has been serving as a great guide and enriches the confidence by mentoring path by session of practical discussion session & participative leadership . Of course the advisory board of ex- officers has ensured the discipline & updation and the regularity and methodology has been source of the rich successful history of thirty years plus that the academy has recorded and I am sure many more years would follow. “

“ La militaire Academy has completed thirty years plus of existence and on this mile stone I congratulate the entire family of patrons , advisors & executives . My memory is fresh when I was a learning member in the benches evolving myself by my efforts under the guidance of the chief mentor - Arun sir . I found him like an elder brother who kept pushing us till we achieved our goal and I cherish those memories as he made me identify & believe in myself & the environment helped us all to achieve our goals .”

“ Completion of thirty years is just a small portion of the long journey the La Militaire Academy has to travel . I wish them many successful years as it would benefit many candidates like me. In the written as well in the interview session I was enabled confidence by putting in sustainable efforts . Today I look back to value the right guidance that emphasised on individuals development in an encouraging environment.”

"La Militaire Academy has step by step evolved into a strong support institution with its results and undoubtedly today is a big family with many selected as its members including me . Everyone experiences the age when numerous confusions play and at that time the necessity of right guidance arises is but essential for saving time and ensuring success at the earliest , I recommend the sincere and serious kinds to get the benefit of the serious efforts of senior ex-officers , I especially thank Col. K.K. Singh sir and Arun sir for helping me the insight in the days of my career pursuit which enabled me success in the first go. On the occasion of celebrating thirty years I wish many happy and successful years to add and multiply the achievement both of academy and students.”

"From the bottom of my heart I congratulate La militaire Academy for completing its thirty years and I wish them many more years of success . As an alumni of the academy I am sure many more will gain success in the following years."

“ I was referred by my elder brother Ankit Saksena who gained success and is serving in The Indian Air Force and I followed the path and gained success too as per my preference .( The Indian Army ). On the academy’s completion of thirty years I congratulate them and also thank them for their good work “

" La militaire Academy Congratulations for your thirty years and thank you , you revised our course so many times that success stood confirmed thank you Arun sir and Vinay sir for personally taking interest in all of us and helping so many of us to join the training here at Belgaum .”

" La Militaire Academy is for me the temple where I daily prayed along with studies and got success - thanks to all the teachers , maths sir Vinay sir and our everyday disciplinarian faculty captain Arun sir. I congratulate them for thirty years.”

" La militaire Academy deserves the reputation it enjoys as the best training place since thirty years . La militaire Academy has been behind mine and my many relatives success. Thank you La Militaire Academy ”